Technical support is an integral part of the service, it is provided according to certain criteria via Chat, Ticket or Phone and requires the informed collaboration of users.

Service availability methods and times are defined by the standard SLA – Service Level Agreement, unless otherwise agreed with the customer.

I. Il self service –  Wiki

The system has a rich Wiki, i.e. an archive that can be consulted by the user which contains hundreds of articles that deal with the innumerable facets of the system, indicating how to operate in the management of personal data, in the management of courses, orders, payments, etc. … It is an archive available 24/7, accessible via the search bar on this page, or accessible at
Much effort is made to ensure that the Wiki covers all major parts of the system comprehensively and users are encouraged to consult the Wiki for the answer before contacting an operator.

II. Chat Support

Chat support is available from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 18.30 UTC+1, from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays and company closures.
This is the fastest form of contact and allows, during working hours, to solve small problems in real time or provide information on specific procedures to follow in certain cases where the customer does not know how to operate.
It is a first level support (L1), the operator does not have the possibility to intervene on any malfunctions (bugs) of the system or to deal with issues in real time that require an important commitment of time.
For these more complex issues or if the operators are offline, please open a ticket as described below.

III. Ticket Support

A ticket is a request for support for a specific problem, on which interactions via email between support and the customer can follow, until the ticket is closed/resolved.The system uses a modern portal for managing customer tickets, from which it is possible to open, review, comment and respond to open support tickets.The easiest way to open a ticket is to send an email to assistance[at], subsequent responses from our operators will be managed by the support portal and will still arrive via email.The ticket management portal can be reached at the address, each customer can create an account, from which they can review their tickets.It is suggested to avoid tickets that deal with unrelated issues at the same time, as it will be more difficult to follow a logical thread for carrying out the various interventions and for closing the ticket itself.
The school management will have the right to request that their account on the support portal can be set as the main one and thus be able to view all open tickets even with different emails from their structure.

IV. Phone Support

Telephone support is available from 9,00 am to 1,00 pm and from 2,00 am to 6,00 pm UTC+1, from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays and company holidays.
In order to guarantee effective support via chat and ticket, telephone support must be limited to situations of real need where the other channels have not been effective or there is a particular urgency or importance.
Trusting in a limited and correct use of the telephone support, the operators can be reached on the technical support queue, at the number 0575/1842234.

V. Suggestions for system improvements

The evolution of the system is also guided by the precious suggestions of the many people who use it, who are in the privileged position of being able to perceive the needs or desires for ever better management of their own reality.
The company welcomes and pays attention to any suggestion, tending to give priority to proposals that may be of as much general interest as possible, trying in any case to satisfy, as far as possible, every request over time.
Even though it is possible to anticipate your wishes to the operators, we strongly suggest that you use the area below, where you can enter your own suggestions, as well as view those already entered by others and express your preference for those that are more interesting. The principle, as far as possible, will be to implement the most popular requests first.