Connect ScuolaSemplice to the Institute's web portal

Automate the publication of courses on the website in a dynamic way.
Manage online course enrollments easily and automatically.

If your school has a presentation website, you can connect it to ScuolaSemplice to automatically manage the publication of active courses in the Institute and student enrollments.

Your website will always be updated showing the active courses and their status, while users will be able to register autonomously, pay online, and be automatically entered into the database and in the ScuolaSemplice courses management system.

Integration with the school website

If you already have an institutional website (WordPress, Joomla! or other CMS) for presenting the school, we will be able to connect ScuolaSemplice quickly.
If, on the other hand, you don’t have a website, or you want to renew it, we can provide you with a single solution already integrated with ScuolaSemplice: a new website with modern graphics directly connected to the Institute’s course management system

Display up-to-date courses

By connecting ScuolaSimple to your website, you will be able to automatically display all the courses of the school, with their current status and all the details.

For example, for each course it will be possible to show the title and description, the price, the teacher, the calendar of classes, the location and other information.

For each course, the places still available will be visible in real time, and if a course exceeds the maximum enrollments, it will be marked as a course closed to enrollments or hidden.

Manage online enrollments directly from the school website

Allow users to register on the website and enroll in one or more courses by paying online.

Every time a user enrolls in a course, he/she will also be automatically entered in the ScuolaSemplice user database, will be connected to the course purchased and will receive an e-mail confirming enrollment in the course.

For each registration, a notification will be sent to the administration;
on ScuolaSemplice you will immediately be able to see the new registered user, the amount paid and you will be able to manage it like any other user of the system.

Course search filters

All the courses details indicated on ScuolaSemplice and imported on your website can become very useful search filters for your website visitors.

In fact, they will be able to search for any keyword, by teacher, by day or time slot of the lessons, by type of course (course, workshop, etc.), by location and so on.

One more tool to provide to your visitors to facilitate their navigation and search for the courses they are interested in.

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