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How much does ScuolaSemplice cost?

ScuolaSemplice is provided in Cloud mode, with a monthly or annual fee based on the type of school/institute and the number of system users.
This fee includes the 24-hour service, assistance via chat, email and telephone, ordinary and extraordinary system maintenance, evolutionary updates and daily data backups.We therefore invite you to contact us to request the exact quote for your school!

What is the contract duration?

The contract has no minimum duration;it is meant to be renewed from month to month, as long as you want to use the system. 

If you want to access further discounts, you can activate an annual contract; in this case the contract will have a duration of 12 months.

What is included with the software?

With the purchase of the system is included: ·   

  • 24/7 service·  
  • contextual help in the application·  
  • initial training and consultancy for an optimal setup according to customer needs·  
  • technical and operational assistance via email, telephone and
  • internal system chat·   
  • daily data backups·  
  • ability to connect an unlimited number of smartphone apps (teachers, students and tutors).


How will technical and operational support be provided?

Technical and operational support is an integral part of the service.

For delivery methods, click here.

I already have a management system but I would like to change it, how can I do it?

You can first contact us to describe your situation. We will then help you replace the system by importing the data and configuring the new system ensuring a quick and carefree transaction.

What does it mean that the system is in the Cloud?

The cloud system does not require any hardware to be placed inside the school/institute.

The system is located at the BLUCLOUD SRL data center, hosted at the MIX (Milan Internet eXchange) in Milan.The system can therefore be reached via the internet with a unique address that will be assigned to you, eg:, and it will be from any PC connected to the internet.
You can then use the system from any location connected to the internet, using PC, MAC, Linux or Tablet.

Who develops the ScuolaSemplice software?


The ScuolaSemplice system is entirely developed by BLUCLOUD SRL.
BLUCLOUD SRL is also the company that will provide you with the service and assistance. 
BLUCLOUD is a company specialized in the development and distribution of software as a service, verticalized on different sectors. For more information, visit the official site.

Does the system work via the internet?

Yes, the system is internet based, as are the connected Apps.
To use the system, a very normal internet connection will be sufficient; if you do not have a classic internet connection, it will always be possible, for example, to use a Tablet with a subscription of a few euros per month for the internet.

Can I also use the system outside of school?

Of course, the system is based on the internet and therefore it will be accessible from any device (PC, MAC, LINUX) connected to the internet.

Can I also use the system from my tablet?

Yes you can.
The system is equipped with graphics that adapt to the various screen sizes of the devices.
For example, you can use a tablet to always have school under control, and in a portable way.

How much does the App cost?


The App is free.
You will be able to connect an arbitrary number of Apps to the school completely free of charge.
Invite more people to download your school’s App!

My school has two or more locations, can I use a single system?

Of course. If your school has two or more locations, you will still be able to use the system as a single entity. In this way you can have a centralized control and management system!

Is it possible to activate ScuolaSemplice during the course?


ScuolaSemplice is equipped with a massive import of data (personal data, courses, payments, etc.) for which it is possible to activate the system at any time.The data import, assisted by the ScuolaSemplice staff, allows you to start from a situation in line with reality, both as regards the progress of the courses and the status of payments (for example installments still to be received).

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