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A unique and integrated system for face-to-face classes and remote learning.
You can manage virtual classes and individual remote lessons in a fully integrated and automatic way.

With ScuolaSemplice you can manage remote learning in a simple and immediate way.
The software is integrated with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex. These platforms provide online meetings services, such as video conferences, allowing you to schedule courses and lessons remotely in a click.

This way, you will be able to schedule online classes in a totally automatic way, also recording accesses, as if they were normal face-to-face courses.

With ScuolaSemplice you will therefore be able to have a single tool for organizing face-to-face courses, distance courses and mixed courses, which organize part of the hours in the classroom and part remotely.

A single system for teaching management

With ScuolaSemplice you can schedule and manage all types of courses. Each course or class can be scheduled in a totally automatic way or in a flexible way, in the school classrooms or through remote learning, i.e. in the virtual classrooms available.

Integration with Zoom, MS Teams and Cisco Webex

ScuolaSemplice integrates with Zoom, MS Teams and Cisco Webex, leading platforms in the delivery of meetings, video conferences and webinars services and therefore for remote online training.
In just a few simple clicks, it will be possible to schedule lessons, both in the classroom and remotely, and to create meetings in which teachers and students will participate, using one or even more of the platforms you already use.

Physical and virtual classrooms

You will be able to schedule school resources into physical classrooms and multiple virtual classrooms.
The courses and classes provided in the virtual classroom will automatically be transformed into online meetings, ready to be delivered to the participants.
Teachers and students will receive an automatic email with the link to the online lesson, or they can log in to the system and connect to the lesson directly from their lesson calendar.

Access management and monitoring

In addition to the native attendance management function of ScuolaSemplice, in the case of remote classes, the students’ and teachers’ accesses will be detected automatically, effectively filling in the electronic register of the course.

The system will then return a detailed report with general information on the online class and course. It will also return the detail lines of user access, with access and exit times, time spent and other informations.

Blended courses management

In many cases, the blended courses management is increasingly used.
With ScuolaSemplice you will have a single tool for the complete management of blended courses, scheduling both the part of hours in presence and the part of remote classes.
Therefore, you will have a complete didactic report of the course or class, with all the attendance and didactic details.

Hybrid classes

With hybrid classes you will be able to deliver the class at the same time in person and remotely.
You will then be able to assign part of the students to the physical classroom and part to the twin virtual class.
The system will prepare the relative online meeting and access communications for the expected participants.

Features for accredited courses

If the training Institute delivers courses accredited by Accreditation Entities (self-financed courses or financed by the Regions, inter-professional funds, private funds, the European Commission, and so on) there will be additional requirements to be met.

With ScuolaSemplice you can activate the attendance tracking with remote lesson details’ view and the accesses of the students, with entry and exit times, time spent, level of attention and other data.

Furthermore, you can create one or more inspection accesses to be linked to individual courses, or to the databases of existing funds, which you can report to the accreditation entity to carry out the inspection accesses, which is typically required in this area.

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