Detection of inputs and outputs via QR code

To manage attendance and students attendance rate automatically

A smart tool for user access

and to improve organization and reduce secretarial activities.

tablet gestione presenze QR code

How it works

The ScuolaSimple Attendance Reading App, available for Android operating systems, is installed on one or more standard tablets or similar devices.

Tablets can be placed at the training center access gates and will invite users to show their QR code.

The QR code will then be read by the application and the user will be recognized, memorizing the exact moment of entry or exit.

Therefore, the system will cross-reference the entry and exit data with the lesson times to automatically manage attendance, absences, delays or early exits, and therefore the percentage rate of student attendance.



Users App

Student and teacher users will be able to show their QR code directly from their smartphone, via the ScuolaSemplice App.

In-App QR code

By clicking on the appropriate button, the student will be able to generate a QR code using the ScuolaSemplice App.

The App will generate a random QR code, lasting 20 seconds, which the student will have to show to the reading tablet.

The system will then verify the user, displaying a green check and welcoming the user if it is a recognized user, or displaying an alert and an acoustic warning if the user has not been recognised.


QR code on PVC cards

As an alternative to the App, the QR code can also be printed on PVC cards which will then be delivered to users.

Similarly, the student will be able to show their card on the tablet to be recognised.


tessera in pvc con QR code studente
App studente QR code

Configuration Panel for fully automated management

presenze QR code

The configuration of the gates opening and closing times together with the tolerances configuration will allow the complete automation of the entrance readings and theĀ  student attendance rate calculation.

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