Scoolest DEMO

Through this page you can book a presentation and a Q&A session with our staff and request a dedicated free installation valid for one month.


Dedicated installation for your school

Fill the form to request a dedicated Cloud installation of ScuolaSemplice.


1 Month for free

Try your dedicated system, without commitment, for a month.
We will give you support and information.


Connect the Apps

Have teachers and students download the App connected to the school.
Check immediately the potential of ScuolaSemplice.


Your data

In case you want to confirm the service, you can continue to use the system with the submissed data.

Fill the Form

You will receive the access credentials to your dedicated installation shortly.

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    I have read and understood the privacy policy and i agree to the treatment of my personal data.

    Book a session with our staff

    You will receive confirmation via email, together with the Zoom meeting link

    Frequent Questions

    How should I fill in the form for requesting dedicated installation?

    All fields are mandatory:

    Name: Your first and last name
    School Name: the name of the school or association
    Mail: your email address
    Telephone: your telephone number, possibly your cell phone

    What will I receive if I do request dedicated DEMO?

    Once the dedicated ScuolaSemplice DEMO has been requested, it will be activated shortly. As soon as it is activated, you will receive a confirmation email with the web address assigned and the access credentials of the administrative user, with which you can quickly configure the system and create other accounts.

    You will have a quick guide for minimal system configuration and be up and running in minutes. And in any case you will have access to the assistance tools so that we can give you all the support you need.

    What happens after the one free month ends?

    If at the end or during the DEMO you want to confirm the service, all the data in the system will remain available, so you can continue to use the same system, without any service interruption. Or you can ask us to delete all data to restart with a clean install.

    Otherwise, the demo will be disabled and the data inside will be destroyed.In any case, we will take care to send you communications to ask for confirmation in this regard.

    Will I receive support during the trial period?

    Of course.
    You can contact us via email and telephone to ask for assistance and information on using the system. Furthermore, right inside the application you will find a real-time support chat, useful for finding quick information.

    Still in doubt?

    NO problem, contact us to: 0575 184 22 34