Software per la gestione della scuola fattura elettronica

The System for Remote Learning and Hybrid Classes management

Find out how to deliver remote learning in an easy and automated way.

App per Smartphone di gestione della scuola

ScuolaSemplice App

With ScuolaSemplice you can equip teachers and students with your school’s App!
Increase user engagement and automate communications about education and payments.

The School Management Software

The reference system for courses management and the administration of schools, study centers and training institutes

From course planning, to student enrollment and payment management. An intuitive, advanced and flexible system, from small schools to large educational Institutions.

A single system that meet all needs,
the ONE STOP SHOP of the training center


From the management of personal data, to the teachers availability, physical and virtual classes, up to the automatic and controlled planning of courses, to the management of lessons and transfers, substitutions and make-ups.


Management of subjects and topics, types of courses and study plans. Educational material related to courses and classes, attendance rate, evaluations and grades, exams, tests and quizzes.


Registrations (also online), deadlines and payment registration, membership and enrollment fees, customizable installment plans, receipts and invoices (also electronic), journal entry, daily closing.



Multiple communications to users, automatic notifications that can be customized in the administrative, organizational and educational fields via e-mail, push to APP and SMS.

Prints and forms

Automatic and personalized generation of documents and forms such as enrollment contracts and letters of assignment, certificates and attestations, personal and educational files and reports.


A section dedicated to the management of prospect customers (private and corporate), commercial offers, lead statuses, activities and reminders. Automatic insertion of leads from external websites, trend and performance reports.

Mobile APP

App for iOS and Android devices dedicated to teachers, students and parents. A comfortable and advanced tool for consulting your own information, activities to be carried out, receiving notifications and communications.


Interconnections with platforms for the delivery of remote lessons (FAD), external calendars, online payments, websites, sending and receiving invoices to and from the ES.

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The Control Panel of the School.

From PC or Tablet, from school or from home, you will always have school management, course calendars, individual classes and make-ups, tuition and payment status, room reservations and much more at hand.

Dashboard Web ScuolaSemplice

Replacement and recovery management, notification system, online payments, events and workshops.

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App ScuolaSemplice

ScuolaSemplice APP

With the ScuolaSemplice App you can provide your users with a convenient, simple and advanced tool for viewing their information and interacting with the school on the basis of their role and configured permissions.

The App is dedicated to teachers, students and legal guardians of students (in the case of minors, for example).
With the App each user will be able to

  • consult the information of your courses and lessons
  • view the class schedule
  • download the teaching material attached to the lessons
  • fill out quizzes and surveys
  • manage attendance
  • manage class didactic reporting
  • manage weekly availability and planned absences
  • manage transfers, cancellations and recoveries
  • buy lesson packs
  • book lessons
  • pay fees by credit card
  • check payments, both made and to be made
  • receive notifications about courses, lessons, payments
  • receive communications sent by the secretariat

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Easy everyday features

With just a few clicks, school management and teachers will be able to manage the school daily life in a simple and intuitive way, from operations to administration.

software gestione aule corsi

Classrooms and courses management

Collective and individual educational courses provided and the classrooms in the school structure.

Software calendario corsi

Course calendar

Through the web interface and via the smartphone App it will be possible to view the classes’ calendar and events.

Software registro presenze scuola

Attendance register

Teachers and students attendance management and management of the recovery of missed lessons

Software gestione docenti della scuola

Compensation management

Automatic calculation of teachers’ fees, based on the number of lessons taken and on the salary class to which they belong.

Software gestione comunicazioni scuola

Notification system

A notification system able to alert the school administration about events and service information.

Software gestione segreteria scuola

Fees and Online Payments

A simple panel summarizing the status of tuition payments and the possibility for students to enroll and pay directly online.

form iscrizione online corsi

Online subscriptions

Build the forms to allow online enrollment for group and individual courses.

Customize the forms with the fields you need.

Connect online payment methods or preconfigured installment plans to the forms.

Publish the forms in seconds, embed them if you want on your website and receive subscriptions without further steps!


Software gestione lezioni a distanza

Remote classes management

With ScuolaSemplice you will be able to deliver courses and classes remotely.
The system is in fact integrated with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex, the best known and most performing platforms for managing online meetings, video conferences, webinars and much more.

Manage group courses, individual lessons and mixed courses (blended) in a fully integrated and automated way.



Software gestione presenze scuola

Automation is synonymous with Simplicity

Forget about spreadsheets, hours spent on tedious administrative tasks or communicating with teachers and students.

With ScuolaSemplice you can decide which aspects to make automatic.
You will be able to automate the registration of attendance/absence by reading a QR code assigned to each student or teacher, the calculation of teachers’ fees, based on attendance and the hourly cost of the lesson, enrollment and payment of courses, communications service and more


Software gestione corsi e iscrizioni online

Integration with existing websites and systems

Connect ScuolaSemplice to the Institute’s web portal.

Automate the publication of courses on the website in a dynamic way.
Manage course enrollments easily and automatically.



Version Notes

System change list

07/11/2022 – v1.6.737.522

Emissione massiva manuale dei rinnovi Nella sezione dei rinnovi dei canoni Gestione finanziaria → Gestione rinnovi, è stata introdotta una importante funzione di rinnovo massivo delle sottoscrizioni. Il sistema chiede di filtrare...

01/11/2022 – v1.6.729.521

Automazione su corsi regolari non pianificati Il sistema delle comunicazioni automatizzate, consente ora di filtrare non soltanto i corsi regolari, ma esclusivamente i corsi regolari che non siano stati ancora pianificati. Questa ulteriore selezione permette di creare...

30/10/2022 – v1.6.725.520

Condivisione campi personalizzati del corso con studenti e docenti Nella configurazione dei campi personalizzati, per i campi collegati ai corsi è ora possibile attivare la condivisione separatamente verso gli studenti ed i docenti In questo modo studenti e docenti...

18/10/2022 – v1.6.699.518

Possibilità di schedulare massivamente i meeting online di un corso Nelle impostazioni relative ai corsi, nella sezione di impostazione delle lezioni, è stato aggiunto un flag che permette di abilitare la funzione di schedulazione massiva dei meeting online di un...

16/10/2022 – v1.6.695.517

Attivato pannello per la conferma delle lezioni prenotate dagli studenti Quando studenti e tutori sono abilitati alla prenotazione autonoma delle lezioni, è possibile indicare se la lezione debba essere approvata/accettata dalla segreteria o dal docente, oppure se si...

12/10/2022 – v1.6.690.516

Introduzione firma elettronica anche per le offerte provenienti da CRM sia per privati che per aziende Nella definizione dei layout delle offerte commerciali, si può ora collegare un modello di contratto dotato di firma elettronica, abilitando così la firma...

23/09/2022 – v1.6.650.509

Implementazione firma elettronica della scuola sulle lettere d'incarico dei docenti Le lettere d'incarico dei docenti, possono ora essere firmate elettronicamente anche dall'istituto, nel caso questo sia richiesto. Nella configurazione della lettera d'incarico è...

17/09/2022 – v1.6.634.507

Implementazione della seconda firma elettronica congiunta nei contratti d'iscrizione Nei modelli di contratto sottoposti a firma elettronica tramite il servizio Yousign, è stata introdotta la possibilità di avere un secondo firmatario. A seconda delle circostanza, il...

27/08/2022 – v1.6.599.504

Rilascio modulo Cambridge (CAMBRY) per i Centri esame Grande novità nell'ambito della formazione linguistica, in particolare per i centri esame Cambridge. E' stato rilasciato un modulo premium, dedicato ai centri esame autorizzati Cambridge, che gestisce tutto il...

23/08/2022 – v1.6.591.503

Attivazione notifiche per gli utenti quando quiz o sondaggi diventano disponibili In Configurazione → Notifiche automatiche, è stata inserita una sezione che permette di abilitare le notifiche verso gli utenti, quando un questionario o un sondaggio collegato ad un...

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