The school teaching platform

Extreme flexibility to configure and deliver the training offer of the training center.

The only software for the complete management of teaching

From study plans and types of courses configuration to attendance and absences reporting, assessments and judgements, quizzes and exams.
Automatic generation of certificates, report cards and documents relating to the students’ teaching career

Didactic configuration

From simple courses with a single subject and teacher to multi-year multi-subject and multi-teacher study plans, modular courses, with internship or elective subjects or intensive courses.
Configure your teaching structure and training offer in the system from which you can generate course editions, enrollments and pre-enrollments.


Didactic material

Connect various types of documents to the subjects and/or individual topics covered by the classes.
Provide information, instructions and tasks to users.
Let teachers be able to independently manage their course teaching or teaching module.


Quizzes, exams and assessments

With ScuolaSemplice you can let the teachers insert evaluations and judgments during the course. You will be able to build tests and questionnaires and link them to courses.
Create exam sessions to link courses and direct enrollments.


Report and prints

It automatically generates end-of-course certificates, report cards or any document that certifies the teaching progress of the users. Upload the same files you already use to the system and let them be automatically filled up and shared by the system.

Some of the types of courses you can manage with ScuolaSemplice

Simple individual courses

With automatic regular or flexible planning, you will be able to deliver courses with a fairly simple teaching structure, typically with a subject, a teacher and a calendar of lessons to which documents, quizzes and assessments can be linked.

Corsi semplici di gruppo

Typically single subject group courses, with a fixed calendar, they can be managed in a simple and immediate way.

Corsi modulari

Corsi dalla struttura didattica più articolata, possono prevedere un monte ore di lezione in aula e in tirocinio presso strutture esterne. Le ore di lezione in aula potranno essere assegnate ai singoli moduli/docenti con il relativo monte ore che sarà controllato in fase di programmazione del corso.

Lesons carnet

Typical of study centres, they allow you to activate packages of hours that can be consumed in a totally flexible way, for different subjects and with different teachers or in a free scheduling.

Multi-year courses

With multi-year study plans it is possible to model study paths which precisely foresee multi-year durations, such as two-year or three-year periods. On each path it will be possible to indicate the common, specialization and optional subjects, the number of hours and training credits.

Cumulative offers

Sometimes the training offer can include two or more courses, such as individual courses and complementary courses. In these cases it is possible to create course associations to assign them to students in bulk.

Find out in detail the educational features of ScuolaSemplice

Departments, subjects and topics

It is the list of all the teachings that can be associated with courses and single lessons. Each subject, with the relative topics, must be associated with one or more teachers and with the courses, according to the teaching structure present. 

The subjects will therefore determine the course teaching and modules, while the topics can be associated in advance with the lessons (the lesson plan) or be indicated later by the teacher.

Types of courses and study plans

Each course has characteristics that can be indicated through course templates, which will subsequently be used to start new course editions and individual courses. 

Some characteristics that can define course models are:

  • if they are multi-year (two-year, three-year, four-year, etc.)
  • if they have a predefined number of hours (e.g.: 8 hours, 96 hours, 1100 hours, etc.)
  • if they are modular (subject X 8 hours, subject Y 16 hours, subject Z 24 hours, etc.)
  • whether they are individual or collective
  • whether they will have a regular or flexible schedule
  • if they have part of the money dedicated to internships or other activities
  • minimum and maximum number of participants
Attendance register

ScuolaSemplice has integrated a register of the attendance of teachers and students at lessons.
Presences, absences, as well as delays and early departures can be detected in three main ways: 

  1. through teachers (via web and/or via App)
  2. through the secretariat
  3. by detecting inputs/outputs with QR code reading 

In any case, attendance data will be archived in the system and remain available for further consultation and checks on attendance and absence rates.

Didactic material

On ScuolaSemplice there is a centralized archive of documents that can be tagged and linked to courses.Course users will then be able to check and download attachments to the course or single lesson. 

You will be able to enable individual teachers, also indicating how much free space they will have available (in MB), in the autonomous uploading and assignment of teaching material

Evaluations and judgments

Where foreseen, the teacher can indicate at his own discretion an evaluation (for example numerical) and indicate a discursive opinion. Assessments can also be defined for multiple skills (multi-skills or multi-skills) in related contexts (language schools for example). 

All the information indicated by the teachers will therefore be available to the educational coordination of the training center, and may be used to compile educational certificates or reports.

Notifications and communications


Automatic notifications can be activated at will by the school, also setting times and methods. In addition to automatically sending the timetable to teachers, for example, it is possible to set up a series of automatic reminders for students and tutors to remind them of payment due or expired. In this case, you can choose how many notifications to send, how often, the text of the message and so on. 

In other circumstances, however, by carrying out an operation for example in the calendar, it is possible to decide whether to send a contextual notification to the operation, to inform the people involved in the modification or change. The classic case is a lesson that is moved or simply programmed from scratch, in the case of flexible courses. 

When, on the other hand, the school wants to send a communication to a certain audience of users, for example to all the people in a course or to all the teachers, it can do so from the sending messages section of the system, filtering the audience and writing the text to send or using an existing model, and selecting the communication channel, push notification on the App, e-mail and SMS.



Educational reporting

Through the web interface or via smartphone App, teachers can or must report the lesson carried out.The lesson report page can therefore contain fields for the program developed (for example the specific topic as well as chapter X of the book) and text areas where the teacher can or must write comments that can remain private to the secretariat didactic or be visible to students and any connected parents. 

This part is also highly customizable through the custom fields, which allow you to insert any type of field (flag, tendon, text, etc.), so that the teacher can fill in a contextual lesson form

Exams management

As for the courses, ScuolaSemplice allows you to program the various exam sessions, which can be connected to existing courses or receive direct enrollments. 

Therefore, there is a management feature that concerns the list of enrolled people and the insertion of the results of each student which could in case be preparatory and binding for the continuation of the training course.

Levels of learning

Typically useful in the world of language teaching, the system allows you to enter the relative official levels of learning.Not only that, these official levels can be linked to internal levels, which can also be linked to books and chapters.In this way, when the teacher indicates that a certain chapter or a certain topic has been developed in the lesson, this will be linked to a specific internal level and consequently to the official levels. 

Both courses and students can therefore have a starting or entry level and a target or achieved level.All this information, together with those of attendance and personal data, can be printed in final certificates or progress reports.


With ScuolaSemplice you can literally build the quizzes which will then be associated with the courses and distributed to the students.

Using a very powerful and agile builder, you can configure the quizzes with open or closed questions, single or multiple answers, conditional blocks based on the answer, random supply of both questions and answers, graphic setting, pagination and so on. 

The quizzes can then be delivered in an automatic timed manner (mid-course, at the end of the course, at the end of the module, etc.) or they can be launched by the teacher, typically during the lesson. 

The quizzes can then be completed by the participants, possibly within a maximum time if provided. They will then be corrected automatically by the system which will assign a percentage of correct answers out of the total and will generate a final report to be downloaded with all the answers from all the students

Prints and didactic reports

As in other areas, even in teaching there is often the need to produce reports, sometimes on the basis of the individual student, other times on a class level. 

For example, it will be possible to generate a quarterly report card of a student, as well as a certificate at the end of the course which indicates all the data of the person, of the course, any assessments and final judgements. 

Other times, however, it is necessary to generate reports to inform the client company of the progress of the course so that the client’s HR department can have a clear picture with indicators that are sometimes requested by the client himself. 

For all these cases, as well as many others, the system allows you to generate any document with all the educational information available in the system.
Ultimately, you will be able to upload your report card models (text files, excel files), certificates, or any other form after which ScuolaSemplice will take care of filling them out.

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