The training center organization

Manage users, personal data, resources and the daily operations of the school with a click.

The School Organization Software

With ScuolaSemplice you can easily organize and manage all school activities and provide users with access to find information and operate according to their role and permissions.

Complete records

Import and manage all master data, from teachers, students, parents, client companies and potential clients.

Locations and classrooms

Quickly map the resources of the training center, inserting the offices (including external ones) and classrooms (including virtual ones).

Human Resources availability

Enter holidays and school closures and teacher availability to have maximum control over course scheduling.

Course planning

Let the system plan the courses and lessons according to the constraints indicated. Perform daily calendar operations in full control.

software calendario scuola
Spostamento lezione


The master calendar of the training center is the daily operational tool of the secretariat.It allows you to have an overview and detail of the single lesson or event, as well as to carry out quick actions to plan courses and modify existing lessons.

It is possible to filter the calendar by locations and classrooms, physical and virtual, by course, by teacher and by student. The calendar allows for a daily, weekly and monthly view.It therefore has the necessary flexibility both to have an overview of the lessons and to search and manage specific activities and to check the details of the single lesson.

It will be possible to intervene on each lesson or event to make quick changes, such as for example canceling or moving the lesson (drag&drop), changing the duration, the teacher, the classroom. And again the management of attendance or absences and connected online meetings.

Notifications and press
For each action performed on the calendar, the secretariat can decide whether to simultaneously send an information notification to the users concerned, via push notification on the App, email and SMS (and via customizable messaging templates). In a few seconds, for example, it will be possible to move a lesson and notify interested teachers and students of the move. The calendar can also be printed on the pdf file, filtering by period, teacher, course and student. The printout can have a weekly or monthly format and can be used to be sent to a user or as a paper summary to be used on the bulletin board.

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System user management

You will be able to create unlimited administrator users who can be associated with roles based on the organization of the school and the skills of each one. Even the roles can be defined in a totally personalized way, with permissions to read, modify and delete every part of the system. You will thus be able to create roles such as Secretariat, Teaching, Administration, Management, Internship… and make sure that all staff operate in the system in compliance with their role.

Registry management

ScuolaSemplice is the single database of all personal data connected to the training centre.
You will be able to upload teachers, students and parents of students, companies with a list of employees, as well as tutors, coordinators and other non-teaching staff.
You can also upload potential customers (leads) in the CRM section, or they can also be added automatically via a link with the contact forms on your website.

Customizable data sheets

Each personal data sheet (for example of a teacher or a student) can be personalized on the basis of the relevant information in possession. Unnecessary default fields can be eliminated and custom fields added, choosing between: 

  • simple text fields
  • drop-down fields (single choice)
  • multiple choice fields
  • flags
  • file upload (also with file expiration date)
  • HTML fields
Import, search and export

All personal data can be imported in a simple and immediate way, through excel templates made available by the system or by loading any excel sheet: the system will read the data, checking if there are additional data to import, creating additional fields to the various personal data sheets (custom fields). 

All personal data can also be searched based on the fields present in the system (for example the course, subject, level, etc.) and also through the customized fields present. They can therefore be exported at any time, always in a filtered and personalized way. For example, you can choose the export format (csv, xls, etc.), the data to include and which records to export, according to the filters used (even concatenated).

Locations and classrooms

An important part of the master data is that relating to the spaces (physical and virtual) of the training centre, and their Organisation. 

In ScuolaSemplice you can register the location or locations, indicating the relevant internal classrooms, or external locations without classroom control, such as spaces made available by public schools, convention centers, conference rooms, etc.

Other locations may be the homes of the students (and their responsible tutors) in the case of courses and lessons at home, typical of study centres. For each branch you can indicate the address which will also be marked on the relative Google map, which will then also be displayed in the users’ App, particularly useful when you need to activate the navigator to reach them.


Virtual classrooms

Together with the physical classrooms, you can upload the available virtual classrooms to your personal data.
And exactly as for the physical classrooms, the virtual classrooms present will be displayed on the calendar and will behave in the same way. 
The substantial difference is that the virtual classrooms derive from the integration of ScuolaSemplice with streaming and video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google and Microsoft Teams, so everything that is foreseen in a virtual classroom will automatically be transformed into a remote lesson. If you want to learn more about distance learning management (FAD) with ScuolaSemplice, click here.

Classrooms occupancy and extra activities

In addition to educational activities, the calendar can host other types of events such as extra activities of teachers or meetings. In this case it will therefore be possible to act directly ad hoc to occupy the classroom in a certain time slot, which will therefore be unavailable for other activities.

Human Resources availability and control

The availability of resources can be important constraints for the correct management and organization of the school. 

You will thus be able to enter the days and periods when the school is closed, possibly differentiating them according to the location (e.g.: different closing days for the patron saint of the city) as well as fixed availability and unavailability or related to an absence of the teacher. 

All this information will thus be stored in the system and will be considered in the planning phase of lessons or extemporaneous operations such as cancellations, transfers and substitutions.

Teachers autonomy

Teacher by teacher, course by course, you can optionally delegate some activities, such as the scheduling of new lessons in the case of flexible courses, moving and canceling lessons.In any case, the secretariat will receive immediate notification of an action performed by a teacher. 

This possibility is very convenient for those schools with a certain flexible organization which, typically for individual frontal lessons, leave these daily activities to the teachers, or only to some of them.

Automatic and assisted planning of courses

Depending on the specific context, it will be possible to choose very different ways of planning courses and lessons, from totally manual to completely automated ones. 

For example, you can plan a course for its entire duration, simply indicating the duration of the meetings, attendance and total duration. The system will plan the course in a few tenths of a second, obviously taking into account existing constraints and availability.

Not only that, in case of conflicts, it will be able to suggest a possible alternative (another teacher, another classroom, etc.) to complete the planning.

Working groups

In some corporate training contexts or where there is a list of people pre-enrolled in a certain type of course, the system offers a specific management section for creating work groups or classes and the consequent assignment of students, who can be dragged into your own group via drag&drop.

Notifications & communications

All activities relating to the organizational secretariat will always be communicated and logged. Therefore, the secretariat will always have knowledge of calendar variation activities or if the (qualified) teachers have carried out some activity concerning the organization of the school, such as the scheduling of new lessons, transfers or cancellations.

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