Communications, notifications and automations

The unique tool for managing communications with administrative users, teachers, students, parents and client companies.


User communications

Sending messages filtering by user type, courses attended, subjects and teachers, and any personal data and profiling field.


Customizable instant notifications relating to changes in timetables, administrative pending, teaching activities.


Sending communications and activities based on courses status and progress and open administrative positions.


Through the App for mobile devices dedicated to teachers, students and parents of students, communications and notifications can be delivered via push notification, in an unlimited way.

E-mail messages

Multiple institution e-mails can be configured in the system, so that every communication and notification can be sent with the correct e-mail. For example, you can use an email dedicated to reminders of payments and sending invoices, and a different email for educational activities.


SMS messages

The system also allows you to use text messages, with the possibility of customizing the sender’s name and with guaranteed delivery.

Notifica push su App Scuola
modello comunicazione

Communication Models

A dedicated section contains a series of communication templates and default notifications, which can be used to communicate and inform system users. All models have the PUSH, E-MAIL and SMS versions, and each can be modified and customized according to your preferences. 

Model variables (placeholders) relating to personal data, courses and payments can also be used, so that the data contained in the messages can be dynamically enhanced based on the context and recipients. Custom communication templates can be created, which can be used for recurring communications.

Reminder of the next lesson to students and teachers 

Notification of cancellation or postponement of the lesson 

Notification in case of student absence 

Notification of participation in an online class (with the link to the meeting) 

End of lesson feedback notification 

Notifications about student bookings 

Notifications regarding the operations performed by the teachers 

Sending the weekly timetable to teachers 

Reminder to teachers about inserting assessments 

Notification to teachers of the presence of a new student, with indication of the new lesson timetable

Notify users of a payment due or overdue 

Communication for sending invoices and receipts 

Sending of quotes and commercial offers 

Automatic renewal communication (in case of monthly subscriptions or packages of lessons or hours) 

Notice of online made payments  

Notice of new enrollment via online enrollment form

Sending automatic emails to teachers, students or the secretariat based on the status and progress of the course. For example, sending a specific email three days before the course start date, mid-course or three days after the end of the course. 

Automatic delivery of quizzes and surveys based on course progress

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