Training center administration

The administrative flow and tax documents just a click away.

Administrative flows based on the types of course

From courses for private individuals to mixed and corporate courses, you will be able to manage administrative flows based on each individual context.

Courses for individuals

Enroll people in courses, cumulative offers, add enrollment fees, additional goods and services. Assign installment plans, automatic reminders, payments and related tax documents.

Business corses

Manage commercial offers, purchase orders and corporate billing on a flat-rate basis, based on course progress or on a final basis by counting the hours in the period.

Mixed courses

Automatically manage the administration of mixed courses, where the participants belong to several companies and the billing cycle must follow different times and methods for each client company.

Online transactions and payment reconciliation

All the tools to facilitate customer payments and revenue recording.

Online payments

ScuolaSemplice allows you to enable payments via PayPal and credit cards (via Stripe). Students and parents will thus be able to purchase packages directly online and pay the fees from their web access or from the App.

Online transactions will be automatically recorded by the system, as well as an invoice and receipt can be generated automatically.

Riconciliazione dei pagamenti

Anche se non tutti i pagamenti potranno arrivare dagli strumenti online, con ScuolaSemplice potrai gestire sempre in modo automatico la registrazione dei pagamenti anche tramite bonifico.
Il sistema (se abilitato)  è infatti in grado di leggere la movimentazione della banca e di riconciliare i pagamenti degli utenti dei corsi.

Un’ulteriore evoluzione consente di abbinare ai clienti uno specifico IBAN virtuale affinché i pagamenti effettuati vengano sistematicamente tracciati e registrati a sistema.

Acquisto pagamenti online

The school administration control panel


Entrances and exits

From the management of student payments to the registration of exits, to the automatic calculation of teachers’ salaries.


Tax documents

Generation, printing and sending of receipts and invoices, in courtesy and electronic format.

Preliminary and final reports

Check in no time the expenses associated with courses and projects, download administrative and course profitability reports.

Generation and printing of administrative documents

Upload the administrative and commercial document templates and let the system generate them automatically.

Estimates, contracts and assignment letters

Minutes, register of shareholders and other bureaucratic documents

Invoices, receipts and other tax documents

Fatturazione elettronica integrata

Integrated electronic invoicing

Through the interconnection with TS Digital of Team System, with ScuolaSemplice you can send invoices in electronic format directly to the interchange system (SdI) of the Agenzia delle Entrate. Payable invoices will also be automatically added to the system in the outgoing master section. With ScuolaSemplice it will therefore be possible to manage the entire cycle of active and passive invoicing with a single tool, in a totally integrated way with the management of personal data and the organization of courses. Further information son electronic invoicing →

Find out in detail the features of the system that will improve the administration of your school

Registrations and pre-registrations

Through a convenient panel, the secretariat can enroll or pre-enroll students for courses.The registration procedure is very flexible and will therefore allow you to better manage each single procedure, based on the individual person.You will be able to manage the costs of registration, attendance and any goods or services complementary to the course (for example teaching material). It will be possible to manage advances, discounts, installments and thus start the administrative flow. 

Signing up
In this case, the student is actually included in an existing group course, or his individual course is created which can then be programmed, automatically in the case of a regular course, or from time to time in the case of the flexible course.

in this case, however, the actual enrollment in the group or individual course does not take place immediately, but the student is associated with the type of course (for example: english kids course, master X, OSS course, or 10-hour package). Subsequently, from a dedicated panel, the secretariat will be able to start the courses based on the number of pre-enrollments received in the previous period, as well as on the level of the students or the preferences in terms of days and hours of the students.In the case of pre-registration, it will also be possible to manage the deposit in addition to the deposit, an income that is not immediately accounted for but which can be managed later (at the actual start of the course), by registering it or canceling it in the form of a credit note or internal bonus to the system, also transferable to other users.

Commercial offers

The system features highly advanced management of commercial offers, which can be generated both for individuals and companies.Through a specific configuration section, it is possible to create several offer models (private individuals, small companies, large companies, PA, etc.) and customize them by inserting new sections and paragraphs as desired, as well as obviously the services offered, costs, times and payment methods.

Each offer generated by the model can then be sent with a click to the recipient, subsequently revised and finally converted into a purchase order, which will then generate the work groups and trigger the billing flow, based on what is indicated in the offer.

Installation payment

With ScuolaSemplice you can configure different installment plans in the system. For each, the number of envisaged installments, the frequency of expirations, the amounts and expiry dates of each individual installment can be indicated, the top-up and therefore the total amount based on the number of installments. 

The installment plans can thus be applied to enrollments in courses or to the purchase of goods and services.They can also be used for online registrations, associating one or more installment plans to the sales forms.

Payment control

At any time, the administrative secretariat will be able to check the status of customer payments, filtering by person, for a specific period of time, or by course. Listed data can also be exported to Excel for further processing.

Administrative picture of customers

It is also possible to select a single person to verify “at a glance” the status and any administrative pending of a user. 

In fact, it is possible that a user has several subscription orders connected to him, connected to his children and carried out at different times, so it is not always so simple or immediate to obtain a clear summary.

Registration of payments

In the event that the administration has to register payments (if therefore they are not made online and if there is no automatic reconciliation) it can use the appropriate section, indicating the date and method of payment. 

It is also possible to record payments of any amount, even if it does not coincide with the amount of the due installment.In fact, it may happen that you have to record installments or amounts relating to several installments.

Online payments

ScuolaSemplice is interconnected with PayPal and Stripe for the management of online payments. 

In both cases, the user can pay the due installment directly from his account (web and/or app) while the system will automatically record the payments without further steps.

Payment notifications to users

Automatic reminder notifications can be activated at the school’s convenience, also setting times and methods.For each notification, you can customize the text of the message, the sending channels (push notification, mail and sms), and the sending frequency. 

For example, you could set up a push notification three days before the deadline, a second email notification on the deadline day, and a push + email notification the day after the deadline.

Corporate billing flow

In the case of such corporate businesses, typically the billing flow may differ from private courses.
In ScuolaSemplice you can access several types of billing:

  1. flat-rate billing, based on how the economic offer generated by the system was accepted
  2. by courses, by hours or by people
  3. progressively, based on the progress of the course (for example, 30% at the beginning of the course, 40% at the middle of the course, balance at the end of the course)
  4. at final hours, in this case the system will check the hours provided for the client company to be included in the invoice

In any case, the system will automatically generate the draft invoice for the client company, leaving the possibility for the administration to modify the costs, discounts, the wording of the invoice lines before proceeding with sending.

Calculation of teachers' salaries

On the basis of the salary classes applied and the activities carried out, the system will calculate the remuneration of the teachers in the reference period.The calculated amounts can thus be reviewed by the administrative secretariat, modified with extra items and approved. 

Once approved, payments can be cleared to teachers and added to school expenses, categorized under teacher salary expenses. 

If enabled, teachers will also be able to check the amounts accrued and the payments made by the school over time from their web account or from the App.

Reports and statistics

A summary dashboard will provide general administrative and tax information. Some examples of indicators are: 

  • the number of registrations made in the period
  • the value of enrollment orders generated in the period
  • the forecast of revenue in the future period, based on payment deadlines
  • the monthly turnover, comparing the months of different years
  • the total annual turnover
  • the status of receipts for invoices issued
  • the graph of income and expenses in the indicated period
  • revenue forecast based on invoices issued
  • graph of passive invoices on a monthly or annual basis 

In addition to these indicators, it is also possible to upload customized reports that show data based on views indicated by the school itself.
Reports that show, for example, the amounts based on the type of course, based on the subject or teachers, the account statement of the courses to verify the profitability of each individual course.

Goods and services

Typically, schools and training centers can also manage other goods and services that are complementary or not to teaching and courses.For example, enrollment in a course could be accompanied by the sale of one or more textbooks, or by the cost of enrollment for an exam. 

Also in this case, it will be possible to load into the system the price list of all the goods and services offered which can then be associated with students or customers.

Teacher transfers

Typically envisaged for courses at the premises of client companies, if these are not flat-rate or absorbed in the cost of the course, they can be calculated by the system and automatically indicated as a separate item in the client’s invoice.
In the same way, they can be credited to teachers, together with the fees accrued for the lessons held.

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